What I'm Wearing Wednesday: Lone Star

Grilled avocado taco- highly recommend!
Mr. A's pork & beef tacos.

Maxi twinnies!
On Sunday, I met Mr. & Mrs. A for lunch at a new taco & tequila joint, Lone Star.  A nondescript exterior, marked by just a single star, opens to a simple interior with cool accents like a machine-pulled series of ceiling fans, a giant, stuffed buffalo head, and an antique mirror that overlooked our corner table.  The menu is simple too, and you basically order by the taco. Since the summer weather stuck around all weekend, I put on my new favorite maxi.  
I wore:



  1. Lone Star is great! love the maxi dresses.

  2. Loving the maxi on you. That food is looking delicious and totally making me hungry for some lunch despite it only being 10am.


  3. I'm literally drooling, Jaime! And I just love that look that your wearing. You look great! :) xoxo

  4. You are lovely in that maxi dress. :)

    I am wearing:

    - Johann purple-ish floral dress with suede star motifs
    - black Wolford leggings
    - Christopher Kane embroidered (floral) shoes
    - Abandon grey oversize handbag
    - Furla chain watch
    - X-large blue round sunnies from Emmanuel Katsaros
    - silver two face ring

  5. I just bought some Webster for Target earrings! I'm thinking of going back to look at their maxi dresses too. You look great and those avacado tacos sound delicious!


  6. awww man... i can never pull off maxi dresses cus i'm so short! lol

  7. Where is this fabulous place? It looks amazing! Also, I love both of the maxi dresses you girls are wearing. Way cute!


  8. Holy cow! That food looks amazing and I love the ambiance. I need to get back to Boston and check this out.

  9. Yumm! I have been wanting to check out Lone Star. Maxi dresses + mexican food= perfect match!


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