Around the World with Emma Stone

Promoting The Amazing Spider-Man, Emma Stone has been traveling around the globe, showcasing high fashion looks in each city. I love how she keeps her jewelry minimal and lets the clothes speak for themselves. From lovely floral'n'lace in Madrid (my fave look!) to vampy goth in Paris, her style has been unique at each premiere.  Get her look for less...whatever your style.

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  1. Yes, I've been admiring her style for this premiere, she looks flawless! Great suggestions for low cost similar items. I haven't shopped at WHBM yet...hmm..

  2. she is gorgeous! I saw her on Letterman last night talking about all the cities shes been to for this permiere. what a whirlwind!

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  4. SHe does look amazing. :)

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  5. so many amazing outfits!

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  6. I'm so jealous of Emma Stone's travels! But she's stunning and those outfits are great. :)


  7. She's so gorgeous. I really like her style choices.

  8. Seriously love her. Don't think I have seen one look on her that I dislike.

  9. she always looks so polished and sophisticated, yet slightly edgy at the same time. I like her style!

  10. I love Emma Stone. Her look in Zombieland was HOT. But her Spiderman outfits have been a little hit/miss. That said, I love her outfit on the middle row with the high neck. LOVE.


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