DIY Striped Mason Jar Vases

I Pinned this vase DIY project a while ago just for the baby shower on Saturday that I helped plan. I used 4 different sized mason jars I had around and bought pink & red streamers to go along with the color theme. The fringe turned out to be a bit more complicated & time consuming that I expected, so I simply wrapped around in stripes.  It helped to lay the stripes down and tape one end, then wrap around the jar (and for some reason, it was also easier sitting on the floor than at a table). White flowers in full bloom were the perfect touch!



  1. What an adorable idea! I have a bag full of mason jars waiting to be decorated, I might have to put this to the test!

  2. So cute and simple! I'm getting ready to spray paint some planters from this tutorial -

  3. Love the colors. Very fun idea!


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