Friday Faves

Today marks the start of my lease in my very own apartment. After years of living with roomies after college, a couple months ago, I decided I was ready to go out on my own. While I will miss coming home every day to someone to talk to & hang out with, I am looking forward to an independence I have never really known: having my own space (and let's be honest, I can't wait to decorate!).  My new apartment is just a hop, skip, and a jump from my current place, so I am glad to be neighbors still with my friends. Happy June, and here are some faves. Enjoy your weekend!



  1. wow, a new era, you know what? I have never lived alone! Bets of luck Jaime!

  2. That's so exciting! I'm still super far from that point, but it's a dream. Congratulations! Also, love the white dress :)

  3. so excited for you!!!!! you will LOVE decorating- it's so much fun to do it wen you have no one else to complain.

  4. that is awesome, congratulations!!!

  5. Wow congrats on getting your own apartment, girl! That's awesome. :) I think you will LOVE the peace and quiet. And yes, the decorating! I hope you post pics once you start having fun with that. Hehe.

    These are some great links. Gosh, I would love to have a star-gazing party this summer...ideas, ideas.

    I hope you have a magical weekend, Jaime! xox


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