An Interview: The Tent at Boston Fashion Week

Boston Fashion Week will be back this fall, September 27-30, at The Tent.  Boston magazine, the exclusive media parter of the Tent, answered some questions about what we can expect in the coming months.  I went last fall, and had so much fun - can't wait for this year! 

Tell us about Boston magazine's involvement in The Tent at Boston Fashion Week.
As one of the 5 companies that founded The Tent at Boston Fashion Week, Boston magazine is the exclusive media partner of The Tent at Boston Fashion Week and responsible for bringing corporate sponsors on board with the program.  We produce the official guide to The Tent at Boston Fashion Week made available to all 4,000 show attendees and included in our September fashion issue. The guide highlights the designers showing at The Tent at Boston Fashion Week and the stories behind the program.  Boston magazine also hosts the official website for The Tent at Boston Fashion Week.  The site includes photos from past shows, the designers bios from 2011 and 2012, and news about The Tent at Boston Fashion Week.  As we get closer to the actual shows, the site will also be home to a fashion blog bringing The Tent at Boston Fashion Week to life for all of Boston.  The site is currently being updated.
Emily Muller - 2011
What can we expect for the 2012 schedule?
In only its sophomore year, The Tent at Boston Fashion Week 2012 is shaping up to be a banner year.  The event officially kicks off with a special fashion show and Opening Night Gala at Mandarin Oriental, Boston on Thursday, September 27th.  Then the fashion shows officially begin with 2 shows on Friday evening, followed by 5 shows each on Saturday and Sunday (Sept 28-30).  This year, designers underwent a juried process, whereby all 80 applications (across the country) submitted applications for one of 12 show spots. The Jury was made up of leading fashion experts in Boston, ensuring the show schedule reflected the breadth and depth of fashion talent in the city.

Being so close to New York City, Boston is often over-looked in terms of our fashion scene. What do you think about Boston fashion and where do you see it, and this week, evolving to?
"Boston fashion is smart. The city is a leader in science, technology, and education, a fact that sets the tone and lays the groundwork for anyone doing business here. As part of both a community and a regional industry, Boston fashion professionals identify, cultivate, and continually redefine their role within the context of the national and global fashion marketplaces. Boston Fashion Week facilitates this kind of development so well because it is designed for change, evolving each year to reflect what the style conscious Boston consumer needs and desires. I don’t foresee a specific destination for fashion in Boston. Instead I see Boston as a home well suited to this unique creative cluster that is perpetually innovating, which in the end is the very nature of fashion.” - Jay Calderin, founder of Boston Fashion Week
The Launch - 2011
How can Boston fashionistas get involved in Boston Fashion Week?
There are a number of ways companies and individuals on all levels can get involved.  Companies can support the entire program as corporate sponsors, through a variety of partnership packages.  Since late last year, a number of private individuals have reached out to us and asked how they could get involved as well, so we are creating opportunities that involve supporting a particular designer as a “patron” or getting access to a seat for all 12 fashion shows.  Plus, we’ll be selling tickets to the Opening Night Gala and later this summer, we’ll open up a bank of seats for the general public to purchase for the fashion shows.  If you would like to get involved in any of these opportunities, please contact Rice Wales, Marketing Director, Boston magazine, at 617-262-9700.

Where can we find more information? 
Visit for more information.  Or interested parties can contact Rice Wales, Marketing Director Boston magazine, at 617-262-9700.  Press inquiries are to be directed  to Molly Kinsella, Public Relations Manager, Mandarin Oriental, Boston at 617-603-2987.

Tell us anything else!
Since its inception last year, The Tent at Boston Fashion Week committee has been exploring ways to give back to the community.  This year, the program will provide support to the Big Brother/Big Sister of Massachusetts Bay Colony with a special fashion-related scholarship.  Partial proceeds from the Opening Night Gala will be donated to supporting this scholarship effort.  It is important to note, that such a large undertaking would not be possible without the work of all 5 partners of The Tent at Boston Fashion Week including Boston magazine; Boston Fashion Week; Mandarin Oriental, Boston; Party By Design; and The Shops at Prudential Center. We look forward to seeing you all this coming September at The Tent at Boston Fashion Week!

Thank you to Rice Wales of Boston magazine for taking the time to answer these questions. Looking forward to BFW 2012!

Images courtesy of The Tent at Boston Fashion Week.

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  1. So exciting - I hope to see you at The Tent! :)

  2. great interview- I love differentiations between NYC fashion and Boston fashion and why Boston has created their own niche.

  3. I've never been to Boston fashion week, but I'm so excited for it! I need to make sure that I remember to go in time this year. :)

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