Weekend Scenes: Baby & Baseball

Saturday was about baby...
Baby shower for Mrs. R!
My flowers project- post tomorrow with easy DIY steps!
The favors.
Porch decor.
Home-made biscotti & fruit kebabs.
The mama to be!
Sweet baby C trying out the Blooming Bath.

Sunday was about baseball...
Family at Fenway for my step-bro's 30th!
Bro, step-sis in law, step-bro, & me.
Sox win!



  1. This is such a fun weekend! I love the picture of the baby in the bath. Adorable. And the weather was perfect on Sunday for a baseball game. Looks like you had a great time!

    xoxo, me

  2. Oh love all of the decor for the baby shower!

  3. looks like a ton of fun. the baby shower porch is so pretty!

  4. Waiiiit, how do you know Courtney? (spotted her in the background of your photos!) I used to work with her at BC! Small world!

  5. Love the baby shower pics! And the baseball game looks like so much fun!!

    Have a great day.

  6. Oh my gosh, I am swooning over the baby shower decor! And the baseball game looks heavenly - I'm dying to go to one again.


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