A Sweet Collaboration for FNO Boston

Fashion's Night Out is just one week away; can you believe it? I am excited to participate in FNO Boston again this year. While we are no NYC, Boston holds its own with events around the city's malls & boutiques- even closing down Newbury Street for shopping & revelment!  Boston-based cupcake shop Sweet is celebrating FNO Boston by collaborating with three local designers on special "Ready to Eat" cupcakes for the occasion. 
Such a cute collaboration! Based on these sketches, I'll be sure to make my Sweet stop on Newbury Street.  Who else is excited for FNO Boston? What are your plans?
Thanks to Sweet & The Moxie Agency for these sketches.



  1. Aww too cute! I love the last one with the pleated frosting top!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. i'm thinking of going to FNO in NYC this year - i got a bunch of invites and i think i'm gonna go for it :o)

  3. so cute!!!! how fun- I would love to enjoy FNO in Boston!

  4. They're so cute! FNO falls on my anniversary this year so I can't take part unfortch. Can't wait to hear all about Boston's :) xoxo

  5. Those are the most stylish cupcakes I've seen! So cute! Have fun!

  6. I'm trying to figure out what to do for FNO Boston. Lmk where you end - maybe we'll meet up!


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