Guest Blogger: How to Style Staple Jean Shorts

Hope you've all had a great week!  I'm excited to share this guest post from fellow Boston blogger Zoe of Fashion is Freedom.  See you all back here Monday - it's been quite a week!

There's always going to be that white tee you resort to when nothing else looks good, and you're going to pair it with simple jean shorts. And that's what we call a staple. Your "go to" pieces, so to speak. But without accessories, this could get a bit boring.. So with these essentials, you'll need some accessories to tag along!
Pictured about are two staple pieces along with some quirky additives. Spice your outfit up however you'd like, but this is a fun way to look chic yet simple. Follow these easy tips below to a fun, DYI outfit!
1.) Add some color- With these loafers and pink nail polish, you're no longer a white and denim outfit, you're a simple look with a "pop". You're adding color with the polish and the shoes and also you're adding texture with the yellow, suede shoes.

2.) Let it shine- By adding a gold watch, you're allowing yourself to shine. A watch can also be considered a staple, but this fabulous time teller is no ordinary one! You'll be looking fabulous and [hopefully] you'll never be late!

3.) Pattern = diversity- Two words: cheetah clutch. LOVE this piece. It adds a splash of pattern to your outfit, and extends the attention to the tips of your fingers. It's an easy way to make a bold statement.

4.) Bling it- A necklace is an easy way to "bling it" all together. It brings attention to your torso, and if it's a pretty necklace, you've topped off your outfit with an A+.

I'm hoping these tips have [inspired] you to take a simple outfit a little bit further. As you can see, it's not hard! Looking chic is always worth a try. Add your own personal favorites, substitute one color for another, and add the textures and patterns of your choice. Put it all together for an A+ look!
Staple it!
xx, ZM


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