Red, White, & Blue Goat Cheese Recipe

Saturday at my Olympics themed apartment warming party, I went with a London / red, white, & blue theme. For one of the appetizers, I decided to try making my own goat cheese flavors and create a trio: 
red - cranberry, white - plain, and blue - blueberry.  
For the blue - blueberry, I rolled the goat cheese roll thin, smashed up some fresh blueberries, and squished together.
For the red - cranberry, I covered the goat cheese roll in dried cranberries.  

I wrapped both in saran and set in the fridge for 24 hours.
Finished off with a variety of crackers, it was an easy, special twist on the traditional cheese & crackers.
I would love to try this with other fruits; I am thinking balsamic strawberries would be delicious!
PS: Check out my Pinterest board of inspiration for my party.



  1. ahhh! everything I can't have while pregnant! booo
    Lilac and Grey

  2. omg you are so cute! i love this idea so much.

  3. This is such a brilliant idea. I am definitely going to try it. LOVE goat cheese!! Thanks for sharing. xo

  4. I love cheese (especially goat cheese), so this looks so yummy to me!



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