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maine - paddleboard
What a crazy, fantastic week it was last week! My work event in California went well and being at a beautiful resort with amazing ocean views didn't hurt.  My two days in Maine were the perfect ending to recharge & have fun with family.  We rented paddleboards on Friday, and it was harder than I thought but quite the zen experience once you are up & balanced.  Add to that boogie-boarding all afternoon, and I was back to being a kid again; pure, effortless happiness.
Lots of pictures to share this week! How was your week & weekend?
photo by my mom



  1. LOVE paddle boarding! - love work trips too for the FAB accommodations :o) .. i have another 1 coming up soo - my weekends FLY by :o(

  2. i have never been paddle boarding but it does look like a lot of fun.

  3. I definitely need a recharge post renovation on the house this summer, but sadly, I don't think it's in the budget- boo! Paddleboarding looks like so much fun, maybe I can do a day long excursion for an outing doing this? Know anywhere local where you can rent?

  4. We all need weekends like this every now and then! Infact I could use one now! Looks like fun!

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