Collage: Anchors

Because it's officially the last week of summer...anchors away!
Top L: image via Cape Cod Collegiate Tumblr
Top middle: bracelet via Boticca
Bottom middle: sea salt soap via CB2
Top R & bottom L*: bottle opener via ModCloth
Middle L: clutch via Anthropologie
Middle middle: wine stopper via Burke Decor
Middle R: pattern via Pinterest
Bottom middle top: stamp via Etsy
Bottom middle bottom: image via Pinterest
Bottom R: sweatshirt via Attitude Clothing

*Guess I like this so much I put it in twice... woops.



  1. i have a serious love affair with anchors! - so much so i almost got one tattooed!

  2. STOP IT RIGHT NOW. I want every single thing on there. Love me some anchors, no matter what time of year it is!! :)

  3. I am a sucker for anchor prints, so I LOVE this post. Unlike Erika, who ALMOST got a tattoo, I have anchor ink. And with a click I am off to purchase that clutch!

  4. I love those anchor shorts, those are killer!!

  5. love anchors, they can go from season to season!



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