How you like them apples?

After Saturday's apple picking, I am searching & Pinning recipes to put my bounty to good (and delicious) use.  Here are some of my favorite finds:
Fall apple cider sangria recipe
caramel apple cake recipe
Caramel Apple Cake (in my cooking dreams but this looks amazing)
Easy baked apples recipe

What are your favorite fall apple recipes?



  1. i have to say caramel apples with sprinkles from applefest in ithaca still take the cake for me


  2. shameless self promotion, but i definitely love my caramel apple cupcake recipe! i don't normally brag about my recipes but this one is one of my favorites for fall!

  3. Fall apple cider sangria??? Yes please!

  4. That caramel apple cake looks awesome! Might be too hard for my baking ability...


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  5. I keep seeing that Apple Sangria pin floating around Pinterest. I'm debating trying it, as well as the Apple Pie Bourbon Recipe in my Southern Living magazine!

  6. um... this post is killing me. Obsessed with everything and plan on coming back once I have some of these ingrediants.

  7. My favorite fall apple recipes are Apple Crisp and Apple Cake. I have an awesome apple cake recipe that's baked in a bundt pan. I also love Dutch apple pancake with a dusting of powdered sugar.


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