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No matter if you lean to the left or right, like red or blue, it's important to exercise our Consitutional right as Americans. It's exciting to know in some way, we shape the next direction of our country. So, let's vote on November 6th and shop the vote now for your party...
Shop the Vote: Alex Woo Little Activist necklaces
"Little Activist" Elephant& Donkey Necklaces by Alex Woo
Shop the Vote: TOMS women's classics
Women's Classics at TOMS
Shop the Vote: Donkey & Elephant pillow sham cases via CB2
Pillow sham cases at CB2
Shop the Vote: Election Party Drink Stirrers via Etsy
Election party drink stirrers via Etsy



  1. so cute! Sad I love elephants so much, because I really side with the "ass" side hahahha

  2. very cute! I kind of want to get the TOMS and just wear one of each, haha.

  3. ha i love those necklaces! so cute!

  4. Love how into the election so many brands are getting this year! Those TOMS are awesome!


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