Fall Home Accents

I usually save my holiday decorating for Christmas time and forgo most fall & Thanksgiving accent pieces. There is a fine line between kitschy and classy, but these items & DIY ideas prove that you can have fun with fall decorating without going too overboard.
John Derian trays: Perched Cat | Blue Spider

I did add one spooky accent... How do you decorate your home for fall?



  1. so cute - ur gonna love my giveaway i just posted - RIGHT up your ally!

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  2. Those are some really cute ideas! And not very expensive either. I like the idea of pumpkins under a case. That would even work well for a desk/office. It would keep people from picking the pumpkin up too. HAHAHAHA Great post!

  3. huge fan of the weirdest looking gourds i can find haha


  4. How cute are those chalkboard pumpkins and the little halloween trays? I haven't decorated a pumpkin yet, but these are some great ideas!

  5. There is definitely a fine line, but I love the front stoop lanterns and the vintage bottles.

  6. Cute! I wish I had time or energy to do any/all of these!!!

  7. How cute!! I love those pumpkins in the first picture.


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