Travel Essential: Cross Body Bag

Planning my trip to Europe, I knew my most important travel essential to pack was a cross body bag.  Pick-pockets happen, and it's the easiest to carry around key items (wallet, passport, sunglasses, etc.) leaving your hands free for shopping, picture taking, and most importantly, gelato eating.  Then the most difficult choice occurred, what bag to get? I did some searching narrowed it down to, oh 20, adorable ones in various colors & price points. I ended up scoring a purple leather bag from J.Crew for $50, but here are some fun ones I found along the way...

What are some of your travel accessory essentials?



  1. i love them all, pretty excited i scored that same one from jcrew too!


  2. All bags are very attractive but the most attractive and worthwhile is the Red one after that purple,the black and white and the last one is golden one.Thanks for sharing.


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