What I'm Wearing Wednesday: Woodstock Wedding

It was a rainy day on Friday, but on Saturday, the clouds gave away & the sun came out, just in time for an early evening ceremony at the Woodstock Inn.  All the details and DIY-work the bride and groom envisioned came together perfectly. After they said 'I do,' dancing, Smilebooth fun, and more dancing at the after-party ensued!  I wore...

Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. W!

PS: If you missed yesterday's post...



  1. great pictures! so funny the 6 degrees of separation!


  2. So cute! Love the mason jars!

  3. Cute hair clip, my dear!

    I am wearing:

    - light grey A-line short woolen jacket
    - Zara scarf printed navy blue blazer
    - simple white Tee
    - ripped denim shorts
    - black tights
    - Charlotte Olympia "Piano" pumps
    - white leather "Music" clutch by Dana Savuica
    - Furla chain watch, Bimba & Lola skulls and green jewel coctail ring, Matina Amanita "owl" ring, D&G jewels cuff, Disaya Teddy Bear silver necklace
    - Chanel Paradoxal nail polish

  4. what a BEAUTIFUL wedding! I love how it looks sorta summery but you get all of the appeal of Fall along with it! Awesome, awesome!

  5. Looks like so much fun! Love the setting for the ceremony, and I love DKNY tights too


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