Europe Recap: The Food

You saw panorama views on Friday. Today, I am sharing some of our food & drinks, cibi & vini, comida y bebida...
"Spiderman" cappucino | Florence
Tuna caprese salad & pasta bolognese | Florence
Home-made ravioli & pesto gnudi | Florence
Famous blueberry steak at Acqua al 2 | Florence 
Home-made pistachio pesto pasta & sausage rigatoni | Florence 
Standard drinks: house red & white wines | Florence 
Soup trio of ribollita, crema di funghi, & pappa al pomodoro | Florence 
Dessert at Il Latini: grappa, biscotti,  
Hot chocolate | Florence
Shrimp & guacamole | Barcelona
Catalan bread | Barcelona 
Chicken Paella | Barcelona 
Churros | Barcelona
After dinner drink: coffee & limoncello cream | Sorrento 
Estrella beer | Barcelona 
Meat cannelloni | Barcelona 
Mussels | Barcelona
Potato "pasta" with sausage & sunny side up egg | Barcelona
Baked provolone & mushroom sauce | Barcelona 
Home-made pasta sampler | Ravello 
Strawberry flambe | Barcelona 
Prosecco & aperol "spritz" | Capri 
Sangria | Barcelona
Guacamole, tuna, fig, tomato, burrata salad | Barcelona
Olio & aceto balsamic to-go | Capri 
Prosecco | Rome
Limoncello & chocolate truffles | Barcelona
Tomorrow's recap: my favorite shots.



  1. The food from Barcelona looks wonderful :)) x

  2. that rigatoni looks bomb!! real pasta!


  3. Ok, this post is amazing and has made me sooo hungry.

  4. just catching up on your Europe posts now...HOLY COW!! Everything on this one looks mouthwatering :)

  5. Well, I'm hungry now! OMG it all looks fabulous!

  6. this makes me REALLY excited about my trip to italy next year :) YUM xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  7. All of this food looks amazing! And your Europe trip sounds incredible. What was your favorite part? Or favorite city.

  8. As I think about whether I should have pb&j or grilled cheese for dinner..all of this food is looking amazing!



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