Holiday Decorating Around My Apartment

Bring on the holidays... I have started listening to my Christmas Spotify playlist and put up some decorations around my apartment. I had high hopes of getting a small Christmas tree, but that will wait til next year...
Small trees on a side table.
Ho, ho, ho on chalkboards...
and in the entryway.
A snowflake hand towel.
Reindeer tea lights.
On the coffee table: a seasonal scent and a classic paperback.
A Missoni-esque ornament on the other side table.



  1. so fun! i am hoping to get my christmas tree this weekend! although i live in a studio, i have a decent sized foyer area and high ceilings so i can fit a 5' tree and it makes me so happy :)

  2. cute! im obsessed with holiday candles, i use em year round!


  3. I love the small trees, I think this might be my choice too this year!

  4. FUN! I love decorating my apartment for the holidays. The chalkboards are adorable and I love the trees!

  5. your place looks so festive!! lovely job.

  6. gorgeous! i love all the festive details!

  7. Your all pictures are beautiful. But i like your second last pic, amazing design of your book. Can you please tell me what the name of that book? Overall your all stuff is great.


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