Holiday Garlands

Each month, I put together Ideabooks for based on likes and ideas for home decor. It's a great site for inspiration and design, whether you have a remodeling/decor project or not.  My November Ideabook is focused on holiday garlands. There are just a few I am smitten over.  Check out my Ideabook for the rest!
Cozy Collage Christmas Garland @ Anthropologie (hmmm...DIY idea!?)
Dove Christmas Garland @ Neiman Marcus
Jingle Bells & Snowballs Garland @ Terrain
Gold Glitter Deer Garland @ StephlovesBen Etsy shop
ConfettiSystem Garland @ West Elm

Which one would you buy? How do you decorate for the holidays?



  1. Love these! So incredibly gorgeous!

  2. I love these all! I think the Gold Glitter Deer Garland is my favorite.

    <3 Melissa

  3. These are all so cute! I haven't done garland yet and have been thinking about incorporating it into my decorations.


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  4. That is gorgeous! I love the bells and reindeers too. Adorable.


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