A Confetti Themed Baby Shower

On December 1st, my mom and I hosted a small baby shower for Mrs. A who is expecting a boy in January (see her wedding, bridal shower, bachelorette).  I perused Pinterest for several ideas and decided on confetti. My "Baby A Shower" board inspired the finished product...

Garland form Target | B A B Y letters cut out of this print from Etsy

Balloons and table setting of flowers & confetti in the vases.
flowers confetti in water

The menu: two quiches (including this Martha Stewart recipe that was so good), sandwiches, salad, a tomato zucchini gratin (based on this Emeril recipe), and cupcakes.
Champagne/sparkling water glasses

Invitation, a small bouquet of baby's breath, & quintessential diaper cake!

Onesie line: guests brought a "creative" onesie and the mama-to-be named her favorite. The winner got a prize.

I bought the Mazel one.
"It's a boy" Hershey Kisses | nail polish favors

The little one is all ready to cheer on the Cuse!

Congrats to the future parents, and I cannot wait to meet him next month!



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