My Stocking: AV from Long Distance Loving

1. Tory Burch Jeweled Eddie Ballet Flats in Merlot: Shoes fit in stockings, right? These lovelies would make my day with each wear!
2. Bailey's Irish Cream "Nip": One of these cute little bottles would make any stocking opening fiesta more fun.
3. TOUS Product (RED) Special Edition Bracelet: With this bracelet, I could show my support in the fight against AIDS. I'm down with that!
4.  C. Wonder Graphic Metallic Votive: This shiny votive works for the holidays--and all year-round. I would love to use it to jazz up a table for a dinner party.
5. BAGGU for J.Crew Printed Bag: Friendly and foldable, this easy to grab tote will make those last minute grocery runs much easier and green.

Thanks, AV!  Visit: Long Distance Loving



  1. you can never go wrong with TB!

  2. yay! thank you so much for having me :) xo {av}

  3. Bailey Rum Cream is the best!

  4. im in love with those tory burch flats! they are just perfect!


  5. very cute! I love that bag! (and the stocking here)!


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