My Stocking: Emily from So Anthro

Stocking from HelloVioleta Etsy shop
I didn't even realize until I started to make this year's wish list how many bow details filled it! Here are five sweet little items I wouldn't mind waking up to on Christmas morning:
1. Dapper Bottle Stopper, BHLDN, $10
Holidays with my family mean lots of white wine! How adorable is this stopper to keep the bottles fresh?
2. Vickers Bow Bracelet, Kiel James Patrick, $58
If my budget allowed, I would snag one of these bow bracelets in every color-- from the polka dots to the plaid! The sweetest little feminine touch to any outfit, and the emerald green is especially festive.

I have lusted after this necklace for longer than I can remember-- Kate Spade just keeps bringing it back and continuing to tempt me!
4. Critter Earrings, Lilly Pulitzer, $38
Pink little wrapping bow earrings-- what's not to adore?

5. Colder Than You Bow Gloves, ModCloth, $18
I go through gloves like I go through hot cocoa in the winter, so the more pairs I have to choose from, the better. The detailing on these is too precious to resist!
Thanks, Emily! Who can resist a girly bow? :)  Visit: So Anthro



  1. Thanks for having me love!! Happy Holidays! xo

  2. love the KJP bow bracelet and the lilly earrings!


  3. the bow bracelet is super cute<3


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