My Stocking: Kristen from The Boston Fashionista

stocking image: Modern Country.
1. Fossil Georgia Leather Watch, Snake Print: This is such a statement pieces, but ladylike as well. Simple, elegant, and easily adjustable (no getting links removed to get the right fit)!

2. Sophie Hughes Jewelry Stacked Bars Ring: These ring is so unique! The bars move separately from one another and it adds just the right amount of minimalist punch to an outfit.
3. Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan Sunglasses: These are the sunglasses worn by Miss Holly Golightly herself. The shape, tortoiseshell frames and green lenses look good on almost all face shapes. Instant glam.
4. Maybelline Red Revival Lipstick: My friend, The Bostonista, turned me on to this lip color. Like the sunglasses, the color looks great on almost everyone!
5. Gift card to Blo: Get those locks looking luxurious for New Year's Eve! Blo, in the South End, offers a blow-out menu. Your hair will look amazing.
6. Membership to the Boston Athenaeum: I love this place. Curl up in an oversized chair with a book, attend tea or attend screenings of classic / campy films like 'Valley of the Dolls'. You'll be amazed at what you kind find here!

Thank you, Kristen!  Visit: The Boston Fashionista



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    1. Lauren - These sunglasses are amazing. Seriously. They look good on EVERYONE. And while I am partial to the tortoise and green lenses, they come in a variety of colors!


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