My Stocking: Lauren from Pretty Pieces

Whatever holiday you celebrate, stocking stuffers, aka little gifts, are a great idea. Normally I think of these items as cute little presents you wouldn’t typically buy for yourself but would love to receive as a token from a friend or family member in addition to your actual gifts. Here are my five Chrismukkah stocking stuffers:

1. L’Occitane hand cream set: These are great for traveling or just keeping in your purse for those cold winter days when your hands are constantly dried out.
2. JCrew Factory bracelet: This is a stylish and comfortable bracelet that can be worn in any season.

3. Kate Spade nail polish set: These are fun holiday colors and you can mix and match your nails.

4. Lily Pulitzer koozie: Great for keeping a cold beer cold, even in the winter.
5. Tory Burch pencil set: A cute pencil set to use at work or just for fun.
Thanks, Lauren! Visit: Pretty Pieces



  1. Love your stocking picks. I need that J. Crew bracelet.

    Memoirs & Mochas

  2. Love the Kate Spade nail polish set!

  3. such great ideas! you could get really creative with a stocking, but for some reason, santa loves to put toothbrushes in mine ;)

  4. I too love throwing L'Occitane in stockings!


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