My Stocking: Lyndsy from Yellow Brick Blog

*I have been very good this year and am hoping Santa brings me one or more of the goodies below in my stocking this year!*
1. Warby Parker sunglasses: I am loving the everett style shades and love that my sunglasses equals a free pair of glasses for someone in need! 
2. J.Crew bracelet: I know that everyone got this J.Crew classic pave link bracelet last year - but I still just love it!  The sparkle, the shine - yes, please! 
3. Jo Malone perfume: Perfume has always been one of my favorite presents to receive, and this year, I am hoping to receive the Jo Malone vanilla & anise cologne to sport around town.  Don't be weirded out by the smells just like root beer, but better!
4.  Rebecca Minkoff 'Allowance' pouch: I heart all things Rebecca Minkoff, but her pouches might just be my favorite!  I love this "allowance" cory pouch to put all my sh*ts and giggles in. 
5. Alexander McQueen scarf: My number one wish list item for the past two Alexander McQueen scarf.  I almost bought one last year ,but opted for a purse instead. tTis year, I may just cave. timeless, classic and festive in red!
Thank you, Lyndsy! Visit: Yellow Brick Blog



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