More Funny Ladies

Last month, we talked about the funny ladies of books. Now yes, all those ladies are on TV too, but there is a new crop of women that are making me LOL during primetime.
Krysten Ritter- totally into Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23 and looking forward to this movie.
Lena Dunham- this chick just plain rocks. 
The ladies of Modern Family- I just can't get enough of this show!

Who are your favorite "boob tube" funny ladies?

PS: Can't wait to watch The Mindy Project.

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Weekend Scenes: Memorial Day

The drive to western New York.
Grandma Recktenwald's bacon grease in a jar makes the best eggs.
Late night eats at the truck stop.
"The falls."
Pudding shots = genius.
Enjoying the bonfire. 
Camping out. 
Sweet baby Rylee.
I can die happy.

 It was a fun weekend in the country! My iPhone was a casualty of the weekend, so most of my photos are lost. Luckily, I did upload some to Instagram before the incident in the waterfall...  Most of these pics were taken with the Hipstamatic Disposable app; if you have the iPhone, it's a cool photo app to download.


Remembering Molly

Sadly, the long weekend didn't kick off too well, as we had to put our dog, Molly, to sleep on Friday. After putting my other childhood dog, Cody, to sleep last year, we didn't expect Molly to have to leave us within a year and a half.  She had cancer last August, and after surgery was rebounding and feeling just fine until a few weeks ago.  A steadily decline since the beginning of May, Friday, we knew it was time.

Molly was always the princess, but she certainly told Cody and Barkley who was boss. Her first months with us, she hid behind the downstairs bathroom toilet in my mom's house. It was the funniest thing; we never knew why, and one day, she just stopped.  Molly harassed Cody as he got older- all in good fun- and well, karma came back to her when we got the devilish Barkley last March.  She taught him well in her year or so with him and gave us many great memories over her nearly 12 years.

There's something about losing a pet that gets you differently; someone once told me the worst part of having a pet is that we outlive them.  That rings true now. The comfort comes knowing we didn't let her suffer, and she will always be in our hearts.
Various pics from my iPhone the last few months.


Happy Memorial Day!

Hope you are enjoying the official kick off of summer like I am! 
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Friday Faves

Glowing text installations @ Because I'm Addicted
Really cool; click the link for more.

Reader's home @ Desire to Inspire
The most amazing Swedish home - for sale!

Beachy Keen Guest Dessert @ Sweet Designs: Amy Atlas Blog
How cute & clever are these?!

Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding Shoot @ Style Me Pretty
So excited to see my Boston blogger friends in this beautiful shoot!

I am off to Rochester to celebrate Memorial Day and enjoy summer weather - have a great long weekend!



On the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend, my brother asked me to do a portrait session. I've been the subject of some of his videos and photos in the past, but "modeling" (if you can even call it that) is not my strong suit. After a relaxing morning massage and going about my day sans-makeup, I decided to forgo getting dolled up and went au-naturel.

Photo 1 by me. Photos 2,3,4 by Kyle Ganson.


What I'm Wearing Wednesday: Lone Star

Grilled avocado taco- highly recommend!
Mr. A's pork & beef tacos.

Maxi twinnies!
On Sunday, I met Mr. & Mrs. A for lunch at a new taco & tequila joint, Lone Star.  A nondescript exterior, marked by just a single star, opens to a simple interior with cool accents like a machine-pulled series of ceiling fans, a giant, stuffed buffalo head, and an antique mirror that overlooked our corner table.  The menu is simple too, and you basically order by the taco. Since the summer weather stuck around all weekend, I put on my new favorite maxi.  
I wore:


Backstage at a Fashion Show

Last Thursday night, two of my friends and I helped out backstage at a 2012 spring fashion show held at Bond inside the Langham Hotel. Models from Model Club, a Boston-based agency, wore clothes from Turtle Boutique and local menswear designer Scott James and had their hair and make-up done by Salon Mario Russo. I loved being behind the scenes; it was such a fun adrenaline rush when we had to change the models during the show.  I have a new-found respect for Fashion Week. 
Thanks to Marissa for asking me to be a part of this!

All pics by me except last two by photographer Richard Bertone.