Friday Faves

 When Mr. West meets Mr. Anderson @ The Short & Sweet of It
A new favorite Tumblr blog.

Cookie Butter crescent rolls @ La Mia Vita
 I've heard this Trader Joe's fave is addicting.

Wears to Weddings: Golden Globes 2013 @ A Blog Named Scout
Perfect pairings.

Greek Cucumbers @ Val So Cal
Saving this for a summer BBQ side-dish.

Berndnaut Smilde's Cloud Portraits @ The Studio Blog
This photo series is amazing.

Happy long weekend!

PS: Check out my new Houzz Ideabook for some football game party platters. Go Pats!



  1. Love these...the first picture is marvellous!! And the dresses are gorgeous xx Have a great weekend!

    The Dainty Dolls House

  2. love that cake/dress comparison, its so true!!

  3. im off to see the clouds! so, so pretty :)

  4. What fabulous finds! Headed to check out the Wes Anderson and Golden Globes mash-ups!

  5. Cookie butter is my addiction. I'm so going to try it with the crescent rolls. Thank you so much for sharing the cucumbers!!

  6. great round ups! love your dress/cake pairings!

  7. I love the first photo! And those Trader Joe's rolls look SO good. Yum!

    Kate Hudson looked so good.

  8. did you try the cookie butter?! i'll be jealous of you got your hands on it. nutella just isn't cutting it anymore

  9. haha! i love the wes anderson/kanye west blog!


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