Secret Snowflake & Home-made Pizza Rolls

I hosted our annual secret snowflake gift exchange over the first weekend in January.  I had just seen a recipe for pizza rolls using Pillsbury Crescents, so decided to make those along with a few other nibbles. They were so easy to make and really delicious!  We had fun snacking, opening gifts, and playing with sweet baby M. 
The finished pepperoni rolls.
The spread.
Love for M.
Loved my gift wrap from Emily!
Part of my gift, the owl, on display.



  1. This looks wonderful :) Love the little owl you got, so cute :) xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  2. looks like a DELISH spread you had there!

  3. did u get the pizza's off a pin? i saw those - they looked cute - yummy?

  4. I'll bring over a pitcher of hot water and will make me these for lunch?

  5. I love using crescent rolls for different baking projects. These pizza rolls sound great!

  6. I totally want pizza rolls. That owl is adorable!


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