Summer Raffia Bags

Summer Raffia Bag
I'm heading to Florida for my annual trip at the end of February. I always like to purchase a couple new summery items to bring.  I've used the same Kate Spade bag for the past few summers, so I am looking for something new.  I like raffia/straw bags and am looking for a multifunctional one for work & play.  Here are some that caught my eye.
My favorites are the UGG, Doug Johnston, and Tommy Bahama (wish this had a crossbody strap!). Which one(s) do you like? Any other suggestions for me?



  1. kinda liking that brooks brothers one, even though you probably cant fit beach stuff into it

    cant wait to go to florida also, scott and i are trying to book a trip soon!

  2. really cute! This is my 4th year hearing about your annual Florida trip... thus it's my 4th year being jealous. haha.

  3. i'm still obsessed with the Gerard Darel woodstock - but sold out :o(

  4. have so much fun in florida! these bags make me wish summer was here :)

  5. they gray one is my fave, its different from the rest!
    have fun~

    xo the egg out west.


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