My Dream Spring Break: World Travel Bucket List

My sister went here during her trip abroad and the pictures were unbelievable. It’s a coastal town in Italy with amazing beaches and even better food. I wouldn’t go in the summer because it’s too hot, but it would be a good winter or fall trip.

My parents went here and said it was a beautiful, historic old European city with amazing cobblestone streets. I would love to see all the historical sites and museums and experience the people and culture.

This would be a dream come true, something I’ve thought about since watching the Sydney olympics! I’d love to see Sydney and travel around some other areas in Australia, such as the Great Barrier Reef.

I see that so many celebrities vacation here, and it just looks like the perfect beach vacation spot. This would be a nice change up from the Florida beaches I’m used to, to something more tropical.

I keep seeing pictures of the coast of Greece on Pinterest, and since I love Greek/Mediterranean food, I’d love to tour Greece and its islands.



  1. Greece and Sydney are definitely on my list! I didn't really like Prague all that much...the whole city felt like a tourist attraction, it was just wayyyy too crowded, but it was beautiful all the same! I just wouldn't go during the summer months which is high tourist season!


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