Inspired by: Katniss's Catching Fire Portrait

Inspired by Katniss in Catching Fire

Last year around this time, we were more than ready for the movie release of The Hunger Games. Now, we have to wait until November 22nd for the second installment, Catching Fire.  Promotions have already begun with recent "official portrait" releases of our favorite main characters. Racked Boston released Katniss's portrait. I love the painterly quality and bridal iciness- great parellel to the theme and title of the second book|movie. You can see Effie's (Elizabeth Banks) on Capitol Couture, Johanna Mason's (Jena Malone) on Glamour, and more are to be released.  What do you think of Katniss's portrait?

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  1. The poster and portrait is a stunner. I can't wait for the latest installment! Seriously, until November? Ouch.

  2. Cant even wait for the next movie!

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