Collage: The Ides of March

March is the weirdest month of the year to me. It's warm some days, snowing the next. Spring is right around the corner, so close, yet so far, as we are expecting another snow storm tonight into tomorrow. I am itching for stowing my boots & parka for light, flowy dresses & sandals. My friends and I rented a Newport house for the summer, so June really can't come fast enough!

Anyone else feeling an itch for winter to just be done?



  1. It's supposed to snow here again and I am so over it! I can't wait for the warmer days either!

    <3 Salem Style
    Crocheted With Love in Salem Massachusetts

  2. I cannot wait for the real spring! :)

  3. When they said it was going to snow again tonight I actually started crying. Granted, I've had a really bad weekend but I'm SO sick of being cold and snow. I want to wear cute little dresses and open toe shoes again!!!


  4. I heard you were getting snow tonight? Stay warm and before you know it...It's going to be wicked awesome outside.

  5. Hoping to send some warmer weather your way soon! June can't get here fast enough for me either (because I'm already counting the days until school gets out!)-----> 55 and counting!

  6. YES! I always think this about March. It's by far my least favorite month. The weather is always so wonky. Definitely looking forward to something more stable!

  7. umm HELL YEA - the snow yesterday/last night was NOT what i wanted - OVER COATS and boots!


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