Brand to Watch: SW3 Bespoke

At a recent trip to Moxie in Wellesley, MA, I spotted a gorgeous gray leather jacket that hasn't left my brain since. It's by a new brand, SW3 Bespoke, that is making it's way into Shop Bop, Neiman Marcus, and local boutiques. While from the UK, the pieces are actually made in America - supporting the homeland, I like it! 
A few of my favorite items...
SW3 Bespoke Queensway gray faux leather jacket
SW3 Queensway faux leather jacket: swoon...wishlist for the fall

SW3 Bespoke Hatton silk dress
SW3 Hatton silk dress: for a fun night on the town
SW3 Bespoke Heidi cut-out top
SW3 Heidi cut-out top (on sale!): cool this summer with white skinny jeans.
SW3 Bespoke Valentina cardigan
SW3 Valentina cardigan: awesome leather back



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