A Trip to Bee's Knees Supply Co.

Bee's Knees Fort Point, Boston, Seaport

On Saturday, Emily, Lauren, and I stopped by the new artisanal grocery store, Bee's Knees Supply Co., in Boston's Fort Point district.  The store is divided into sections stocked with unique items & food: pantry, deli, butcher shop, chocolatier, liquor, and other items. I treated myself to a new bottle of wine, white truffle oil, and a package of sweet potato gnocchi.  Can't wait to head back to Bee's Knees!

Spices in packaging colors of the rainbow.
Foret Design's corner.
The Italian section was just like being back at the market in Florence.
Wall o' craft beers.
Blue Tierra chocolates.



  1. It sounds absolutely heavenly, especially the sweet potato gnocchi! I will definitely have to pop in the next time I am in the area. Have a great day Jaime!

  2. What a darling name! This is definitely my kind of local place :)

    That Girl in Pearls

  3. ohh, I think I need to stop in!

  4. Ah I love Bee's Knees and can't wait to go back. I had such a fun day with you and Lauren!

  5. What a great name, the Bee's Knees! I want to check it out. Your DIY Toms are so awesome btw. Great seeing you at WU!


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