An Interview with Scoopsies

I am excited to feature the ladies behind Scoopsies, a ice cream company and blog, based right here in Boston. Sarah and Chloe have a mission to create 100 Scoopsies, or 100 flavors of new ice cream in one year!  I love some of the unique flavors they have dreamed up: Lychee, Strawberry Rhubarb, Dirty Water name a few!  Be sure to follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter, and their blog - and if you are in Boston, head to one of their Ice Cream Socials and taste for yourself!
Tell us the history of Scoopsies. How did you two become friends and now blog/ice cream partners?
Sarah: Chloe and I met in the summer of 2009 at a friend's rooftop party. I remember she was just stopping by before she had to go meet some other friends at Sweetwater (a tavern in Boston that I had previously never heard of). Turned out that I would be seeing a lot more of Chloe because our mutual friend had just got me a job at Emack & Bolio's ice cream shop where Chloe also worked. Over the next three years, we became better friends but we didn't talk about ice cream ever! Then one day I went over her house to hang out and while we were just sitting around chatting the "What do you really want to do with your life" question finally came up. When I said "open up my own homemade ice cream shop" she jumped out of her seat and said "me too!" I didn't really believe her at first but then when she told me she even had a name for it (Scoopsies) I realized it was a match made in ice cream heaven.
Chloe: We started making ice cream together about a year ago. We would get together every few weeks or make flavors on our own. We had a blog (that we updated about three times) and soon decided, because we were so big on procrastinating and so bad at making plans, that we had to do a project that would force us to constantly make ice cream. That's how 100 Scoopsies came about.
What has been the hardest and best parts of your journey so far?
Sarah: For me the hardest part of the the journey has been finding time. It's not just making ice cream. Our work schedules are almost always opposite, then we have to agree on every flavor, every recipe, go shopping for the ingredients, write a post and take photos. Of course it's all worth it when someone tries our ice cream and says something like "oh my god I'm so happy right now". That is the best part of the journey.
Chloe: The hardest part of the journey is how much work and passion goes into the project--it has completely taken over our lives. There is so much work that our readers/followers don't always hear about. Just recently we made Maple Walnut, and it was so close to being perfect, we just had to make it again until it was. With 100 flavors to make in just a year, and so much to do for every flavor, going back and re-making one is a set-back, but we're so dedicated to doing it right. It is all worth it, though. Every compliment on one of our flavors, every "like" on Facebook, or a supportive tweet is so rewarding--it fuels our passion.
Who makes the ice cream? How do you make it? Any tips for making your own home-made ice cream?
Sarah: We both make the ice cream. Together we list the flavors we're interest in making next, and after we agree on 10 flavors, we will come up with recipes to try. Once in a while we can't make the ice cream together but we try to as much as we can. We're still experimenting on what ratios we like the most but all of our flavors (except vegan ice cream, sorbet and sherbets) include milk, heavy cream, eggs, and sugar. Then depending on what flavor we are making we will add other ingredients. My advice to anyone who wants to make ice cream at home is 1) READ the instruction manual that
comes with your machine. I have heard so many stories about ice cream going bad because the person did not know you needed to freeze the bowl for 24 hours before the process can begin. And 2) EXPERIMENT as much as you can. If you can think of it you can make it!
Chloe: Ditto that! :)
What are Ice Cream Socials and how can folks attend?
Sarah: The Ice Cream Socials are for groups of people to come try our ice cream. We don't have the capacity to sell our product right now. We're really still in the learning process right now. However, we want to get feedback and celebrate our accomplishments as much as possible. So every 20 flavors, we are inviting people to come out and try some ice cream. Our last ice cream social was more of a test run, and we invited a small group of friends. But our next ice cream social will be June 30th at the Great Scott in Allston, MA. For this event people will have to buy tickets but it's open to the public. The details haven't been sorted out completely but we plan on having live music as well.
Chloe: We added the Ice Cream Social component as a way to share and celebrate our most recent flavors, but also as an extra challenge. We told ourselves that we'd try to take it up a notch with each Ice Cream Social. We'd start small and just invite our friends, eventually include the public, and ultimately involve investors and local ice cream shop owners. Our ice cream has to be tasty enough to share with these people, and we need to be able to produce our product in high volume. Our Ssocials ensure that we do this, and also give our followers an opportunity to try some Scoopsies!
What are your favorite ice cream flavors (Scoopsies or other brands)?
Sarah: Choosing favorite flavors is really REALLY hard for me! It all depends on the brand. For example there's a dairy farm/ice cream stand near my hometown called Peaceful Meadows. They make one of my all time favorite flavors, M&M, but I have never liked another brand of M&M. Other favorite flavors include Herrell's malted vanilla, Van Leeuwen's hazelnut, and J.P. Licks coconut almond chip, YUM!
Chloe: I worked at both J.P. Licks and Emack & Bolio's (Boston's best ice cream) before Scoopsies, and I love so many of their flavors. Emack's Black Raspberry is a go-to for me, as is "Bleeding Heart" (formerly known as Raspberry Truffle). Toscanini's in Cambridge makes a really rich Dutch Chocolate that is absolutely scrumptious. But Scoopsies trumps all of these with our Banana Chai and Dirty Water Java. :)
What is next for Scoopsies?
Sarah: We're not sure what's next but we're hoping to start selling soon! We're thinking of either biking around with chest freezers full of ice cream or maybe even an actual ice cream truck! Then hopefully we can make enough money to open up a store front within the next 2 or 3 years!
Chloe: A priority of ours is to start getting our ice cream out there! A small-scale delivery service is definitely in the works. It would also be nice to start selling our ice cream at farmer's markets. 



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    Jules of Canines & Couture

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  4. Thank you for the interview! I always love reading about entrepreneurial ventures by women :) xo

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  6. so, so cute- they are so ambitious and equally adorable. What a great idea. I really want to try some!


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