Friday Faves

Rainbow Feet @ Honestly WTF
Rainbow shoe art? Sure, why not!
Gatsby @ Paper Fashion
Beautiful Gatsby-inspired drawings - I've become a bit obsessed since seeing the movie.
Succulents @ The Aestate
Lots and lots of succulents!
Neon rope coasters @ House of Earnest
Fun DIY for outdoor summer parties!
Bohemian House Tour @ The Nautical Wheeler
So inspired by the eclectic mix of colors & furniture.

Have a nice May weekend!



  1. OMG if you havent seen Gatsby yet you must go see it! it was amazing


  2. Lovely picks...not seen Gatsby yet, but will soon. Loved the feet :)) Have a gorgeous weekend xx

  3. Great decor pictures. Love it

  4. Those skull succulents are to die for!!!

    The rainbow art reminds me of something that my boyfriend would make :)


  5. Hi Jaime,
    Come to see and enter an exciting giveaway on my blog -- a kit for everlasting fabulous manicure from Custom Nail Solutions. :)

    Have a great weekend!



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