Weekend Scenes: Memorial Day Staycation

DC and I had a staycation weekend which was filled with a little bit of everything. Behold a mish-mosh of pics!
I got my hair done on Friday afternoon, and I decided to try some fun blonde highlights for summer.
A Patriotic find while playing pool.
One of my favorite drinks in the city at Scholars, the Tremontaine: gin, St. Germain, lime, cucumber, & mint.
We scored some last minute tickets to the Bruins game 5 on Saturday night...what a game!

At the end, fans were throwing their rally towels onto the ice. See ya later, Rangers!

Sunday night heading out.

Was so excited when the sun finally came out late Sunday afternoon.
It seemed appropriate on Monday to walk around Back Bay and visit the Marathon memorial.
We also watched a couple good movies, Iron Man 3 in theaters and SideEffects on-demand (recommend this one, it was underrated), and enjoyed two yummy brunches out. 
Hope you all had a good long weekend! Did you have a staycation or go away somewhere?



  1. oooh i definitely want to see side effects!


  2. Ah, very lucky you got to go to the Bruins game! How fun!

  3. looks like such a fun weekend :) xox

  4. It sounds like a really fun weekend! Love the blond tips. And I haven't heard of the Boston Memorial-Will you being doing a post on it?
    Jana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

  5. Staycations are the best! Love your new highlights. Very fun.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  6. Looks like such a fun Boston weekend! We stayed mostly in town too, so worth it to be down in Seaport on a beautiful day without the normal weekend crowds :)

  7. I had a staycation and loved it! Lance did a great job with your hair (I think that's who you go to.)
    Have a great Thursday Jaime :)

  8. thats awesome you got to go to the game! looks like a fun weekend.

    <3 Lianna J @ Salem Style Crochet

  9. Wonderful pictures, your hair looks great xx

  10. There is just so much to do in Boston, and, even better, everyone else is gone! I love staying around. Also, very easy to score reservations- we finally go to try Boston Chops!


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