DIY Stars & Stripes Sneakers

DIY Stars & Stripes sneakers for the 4th of July
A month ago I Pinned this 4th of July sneaker DIY from Small Fry blog. Despite the fact that it was for kids, I knew I wanted to make them for the Fourth.  It was an easy and fun DIY that came in at just around $20. 
All taped up then waited for the paint to dry. I peeled off the star stickers the next morning.
The finished product on the 4th!



  1. How cute!

  2. There are absolutely fantastic, love the idea Jaime :)

  3. Cool DIY! You did a great job! I love experimenting like this too.

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    Don't miss out! Cheers Reese!

  4. How brilliant and they look so adorable! Love. Kisses, sweetie.


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