Friday Faves from the last 2 weeks

Reclaimed wood American Flag @ Alisaburke
Awesome DIY.
Vintage wedding inspiration @ Destination Wedding magazine
A MA wedding where lobster was served - love it (and the vintage details).
Mademoiselle Maurice @ Honestly WTF
Amazing urban art installations.
Peach & rose wine slushie @ The SoHo
Something cool and refreshing for these humid days!
Cat eye with a twist: ombre liner DIY @ The Beauty Department
How I wish I had the patience and skill for this.

Looking forward to the first country concert of the season Saturday night, even more that it's my first one at Fenway Park.  Stay cool everyone and have a good weekend!



  1. Love the reclaimed wood American flag! I'm a new follower and would love to have you follow us also!

  2. Love that urban installation! And that ombre liner! Perfection.

  3. I definitely need to try to recreate that slushie asap! Have a wonderful weekend Jaime xo

  4. Ooh la la...such finds! The slushie is very '20s, for me. Maybe a splash of bourbon instead of rosee...yes!

    And the ombre shadow...oh to be young and child-free and have the time to dedicate to such artistic endeavors :P

  5. I will definitely be enjoying a peach and rose wine slushie this week! Thanks for the tip!



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