The Way, Way Back

Have you seen the preview for the new movie, The Way, Way Back? It was shot at Water Wizz down on the South Shore in Mass (went there a few times as a kid!) and looks funny & heartwarming. Plus, there is a great cast. You can also check out an interview with the writer, producer, and director, Nat Faxon from Boston magazine. I am adding this one to my summer must-see list.

PS: I also want to see Don Jon that comes out in September. Looks quirky and fun - written, directed by and starring cutie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

What upcoming movies are on your must see list?



  1. water wizz, yes!!!

    i kinda want to see The To Do List with the girl from Parks & Rec

  2. went to water wizz a bunch growing up! gotta see this!

  3. This looks like a great film!

  4. I imagine I'll be sitting in the matinee showing of "Turbo" with my daughter the minute it comes out :)

  5. I saw the preview for this the other day and thought it looked good. Had no idea it was filmed in MA!


  6. YES!! On my list, too...but first I have to still catch up with Man of Steel! :)
    And JGL...what a hunk lol


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