Inspired by: Paper Source's new wrapping paper

Loving the new wrapping paper from Paper Source...
Donuts wrapping paper | KSNY x Darcel donut coin purse
Prism wrapping paper | prism lit

Terrariums wrapping paper | Yellow Owl Workshop terrarium necklace
Fox wrapping paper | Coral & Tusk fox love art

Zebras wrapping paper | nursery designed by Liz Carroll Interiors

 Glasses wrapping paper | Jonathan Adler sunglass case



  1. The foxes and zebras are my favorite! I love Paper Source; their paper inspired my whole wedding color scheme, I used it to line the back of my son's bookcase, and framed some for a little gallery over my tv. Good stuff!

  2. I absolutely love Paper Source! I could do some serious damage in that store! :)

  3. I think the foxes are my favorite! What a fun post :)

  4. i LOVE paper source paper! they have the best patterns. i have a framed map in our kitch that we use as a dry erase board but i think i want to switch up the background image to something else... feeling inspired! xo

  5. I am always looking for wrapping paper that's not ultra cheesy - these are really fun suggestions that are useful for any number of gift giving occasions!

  6. Yes, I literally want all of this wrapping paper! The donuts and prism are my favorites. Plus, I also just really love donuts :)


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