On the Docket: August

I find that days, weeks, months are just flying by right now...do you? I have grand plans to do x, y, or z each month, but my to do lists get pushed aside due to weather, addition of new plans, or sometimes just laziness.  I am going to start a monthly series On the Docket, to motivate myself to complete those things I want to accomplish, visit, experience, each month.  
On the Docket: August
  1. Do the Cliff Walk in Newport (DONE! some pictures here & a video)
  2. Visit the Street Seats (push to September)
  3. Walk around Castle Island and get Sully's 
  4. DIY chalkboard/corkboard project (DONE! see it here)
  5. Schedule my outdoor deck post (finally coming next week!) (DONE! see it here & here)
 Happy August! What is on your docket?

image by me



  1. sounds like a fun month! :) i have a few blog events to attend, my best friend's wedding which i am a bridesmaid and baking all the cupcakes for (eek!), and i'm moving on 8/31! :)

  2. Newport is on my wish list too! And I love going to Castle Island :) Best milkshakes!

  3. I have a DIY chalkboard in the works too! :) You're good to make a list and hold yourself accountable in that way... I think it really does help.

    Jules of Canines & Couture

  4. The Cliff Walk in Newport was so fun! I would love to take a run along there (and it takes a lot for me to say that), if only it weren't so crowded.

  5. Super!! The month did go by fast, it seems the whole year has really. I hope you have a great weekend x

  6. I definitely want to do the Cliff Walk, I really cannot believe it is August already either! :(


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