Hearts on Fire Diamonds Blogger Party

Last week, Hearts on Fire hosted a blogger event to try on their new collections and meet head designer, Ilaria Lanzoni. I have a pair of their earrings and love their sparkly pieces, so I was excited to try on some shiny new jewels!
Ilaria is originally from Italy and moved to Boston two years ago. Her first collection with Hearts on Fire, the Copley Collection, was inspired by Boston's Copley Place.  Ilaria notes inspiration of florals and lace but with a desire to keep the jewelry timeless.
My favorite collection is the Lorelei and I tried on this beauty.
Thanks again to Hearts on Fire for having us!

all images by me except last one by Cupcakes and Couture. Check out her post and Instant Milk's too!



  1. oooh fun! looks like some awesome bling!

  2. That star ring is unreal!! Have a great long weekend girl!

  3. WOW! What a brilliant piece of diamond rings with wonderful shimmer and shine. I like that star shaped diamond ring the most. The ring design is completely unique and fabulous I must say. Undoubtedly, diamonds express the sense of style and class and they are the perfect jewelry pieces which complement each outfit whether it is traditional and casual.


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