A Holiday Tasting at Urban Grape

Last week, some Boston Bloggers got together for a special holiday wine tasting at local wine shop, Urban Grape.  Owners TJ and Hadley Douglas put together a sampling of prosecco, white wine, red wine, beer, and vermouth, with suggestions on holiday food pairings.  

Urban Grape, with two locations in the Boston area, opened its doors 4 years ago. I loved hearing about TJ and Hadley's mission to take intimidation out of wine, because "wine is fun!"  Of course! 

My favorite of the night was the Atteca grenache, which I popped open on Saturday night.

Thanks again to Boston Bloggers group organizers Kate and Alison, and Hadley & TJ Douglas for hosting us!



  1. That looks like a wonderful event! I like how they gave you a handy little wine guide.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Every time I go by their shop in CH I mean to go in...but between them and Rosie's, Rosie's cookies usually wine;) Time to stop in!

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  4. This looks amazing - I LOVE wine, love the atmosphere of this place, love Boston, and love everything about this post (did I mention I love wine?).


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