A Visit to Terrain

holiday open house at Terrain
My friend, Lauren, and I have wanted to visit Terrain in Westport, CT for a while now, and Saturday's holiday open house seemed like the perfect occasion. We drove the 2.5 hours to and fro and spent the afternoon ooh-ing and aah-ing over succulents, beautiful home pieces, and pretty holiday decor.  After a fresh & yummy late lunch at the Terrain Cafe, we drove back to Boston already thinking of our spring visit back. 
mini evergreens at Terrain
Adorable mini evergreens.
Succulent tree at Terrain
Amazing succulent tree.
lights at Terrain
bath and spa at Terrain
hanging canoe at Terrain
bah humbug holiday card at Terrain
ha, this card!
mulled wine at Terrain
mulled wine sample
red berries at Terrain
Terrain Cafe
Quinoa & barley salad and some frites. 
A video I made of the snow machine and fire:

garlands at Terrain
We had too much fun :)
Terrain shopping bag
My goods: butternut squash sauce, peanut & almond butter, a candle, matches, foot buffer, and mini evergreen.



  1. oh my goodness! This place looks amazing. Dare I ask if it was worth the trip? I'm ready to hop in the car!

  2. I love the online shop, but it looks so much cuter in person!

  3. Oooh this looks like an amazing place! What a fun day!

  4. SWOON. The first Terrain was just minutes down the road from where I grew up in Pennsylvania. I miss it so much (though my wallet is grateful), thinking I better road trip down to the CT one!

  5. ok, this store looks like a DREAM. the mini succulent trees! ahhh. too much good stuff there.


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