Friday Faves of the Month

Happy Friday! It's been such a busy month with starting a new job and hurting my back, but I am finally feeling back to myself...getting healthy and into a new normal schedule.  This weekend is shaping up to be a great one with a day trip to Terrain and our annual Girls Thanksgiving (the above is basically what it's all about, with a lot of food too!)... Here are some favorites of the month, and have a good weekend!

image via my Pinterest | originally from Urban Outfitters but sold out. 



  1. love anything from pioneer woman! happy early turkey day!

  2. Super links doll, am glad you are feeling much better :)) Have a gorgeous weekend xx

  3. so many FUN things!!! congrats again on the new job. xo jillian

  4. ooh I didn't know about the new job, congrats Jaime!! and glad your back is on the mend!!

  5. Ugh sorry to hear about your back. Glad things are getting back to normal!


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