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Happy Holidays everyone! I can’t believe that Christmas is almost upon us. I’m Amy, the creator of Cupcakes & Couture, a lifestyle blog featuring my outfit posts, recipes, shopping list, style inspiration, DIY projects and more. I’m excited to be here guest posting on La vie... J'aime and I’ve put together my dream Christmas stocking to share with you all. Hope you enjoy! :)

1. Tiffany & Co kunzite ring with diamonds: I have no idea what this costs, but I know that it’s totally out of my reach which is why it’s in my dream Christmas stocking! :) Blush pink is my favorite color so I love this kunzite center stone with beautiful diamond detailing on the side. Swoon! (swoon, indeed!)

2. Ugg Australia Sequin Stocking - $45: Isn’t this the cutest {and most sparkly} stocking you’ve ever seen? I’d love to have this hanging from my mantle.

3. Chanel Mademoiselle Prive watch with diamond star: I lust after everything Chanel and this is the watch of my dreams. It’s perfect for me because I love star motifs and simplicity. Maybe someday… (double swoon!)

4. skoah skin boost serum - $85: I recently had my first facial at skoah in the South End and fell in love - my skin looked fantastic afterwards! My esthetician recommended that I buy this anti-aging serum to keep my skin looking young and healthy as I near my 30s.

5. A donation to the Animal Rescue League of Boston. I am a monthly donor and I adopted my cat Phoebe at their South End location, but I really wish I had more money to give them! They do such amazing things for the animals in our community and I will support them for years to come.

6. A plane ticket to Paris. I visited this past November, but I would give anything to go back this spring when the weather is warmer! For me, it’s the most beautiful place on earth :)

7. Louis Vuitton Paris City Guide - $37: If I was lucky enough to return to Paris, I’d want to bring along LV’s guide to the city of light...who could know more about Paris than the iconic luggage designer?

Thanks, Amy!



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