My Stocking: Emily from Shell Chic'd

Just under 1 week until Christmas, and today's My Stocking is from a Boston blogger, Emily of Shell Chic'd!
The Bamburgh Stocking, Jack Wills

  1. Monogrammed Bow Bracelet, Marley Lilly, $25: Call me a girly-girl, prepster, whatever you want, but two of my favorite things are bows + monograms, so I can't resist this sweet arm-party addition from Marley Lilly!
  2. Champagne Bottle Coin Purse, Kate Spade, $68: httpHow much do you really need to carry with you on New Year's Eve anyway? This little change purse is the perfect accessory for the night, and aptly themed. (adorable!)
  3. Martha's Vineyard Cuff, York Design Co., $40: httpI've been admiring these York Design Co. needlepoint bracelets for months now, I would just love to find one in my stocking Christmas morning! The only question is, which design to choose?!
  4. Lucky Sailor Belt, Kiel James Patrick, $85: http:I grew up receiving really practical things, like belts and socks, in my stocking. Might as well make it a cute one, no?
  5. Plane Tickets, Priceless: I've had a real bad case of wanderlust lately, so a gifted trip is sounding awfully nice right now! Paris or London would be particularly perfect for the holidays... but I'm not picky :)  



  1. Plane tickets - that's a lovely surprise. What a cute stocking too.

  2. Oh that kate spade purse is TOO CUTE!
    They just opened a store in hingham.
    Have you been?

  3. Fantastic one :))) Love the stocking design :) Happy weekend doll xx

  4. That coin purse is PERFECTION. I didn't even know I needed a coin purse until this brilliant post. I now believe in love at first sight :)


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