My Stocking: Jessica from Bedknobs and Baubles

Discovering little surprises hidden in my stocking is my favorite holiday tradition. This year, I’m hoping for:
  • YSL Polish in Gris Deco: This color just oozes understated sophistication. I’ve been painting my nails navy almost exclusively. It’s time to lighten up.
  • Airline Tickets: A plane ticket to a tropical destination would be the most wonderful surprise to find buried under the candies and trinkets.
  • High Street Market Brass ElephantI inadvertently began a collection of brass animals after buying one after another at antique stores. I love this little elephant, especially since his trunk could serve as a ring holder. (so cute!)
  • Karen Hsiang Ring: All of Karen Hsiang’s designs are unexpectedly cool. I’m smitten with this ring. It’s designed to nestle in the crevice between your fingers.
  • Milka Snow BitesI tried these for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Other holiday candies don’t even come close.
Thanks, Jessica! Visit her blog: Bedknobs and Baubles.



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