My Stocking: Jillian from Cornflake Dreams

hi there! it's jillian from cornflake dreams and stockings are one of my favorite parts about the holidays! growing up it was the one thing that we could open in the morning before dragging our parents out of bed to open the rest of the presents together. i have filled my stocking with some of my favorite products and a must-have treat: 
marc jacobs daisy spray pen - my favorite perfume goes mini! 
l'occitane holiday shea butter hand cream - for soft hands (even in winter).
fresh sugar lip treatment- for kissable lips. 
crystal posy collar necklace - love love this pretty necklace!
essie scarlett o hara nail polish - for party nails.
felt christmas mistletoe - continue the tradition in your home. 
initial key fob - if it's not moving monogram it! 
and a box of assorted fannie may candy (when we were little my mom always put this in our stocking) i loved a mix pixiesmint meltaways and peppermint bark

jillian of cornflake dreams

Thanks, Jillian!  Stay tuned for the last My Stocking tomorrow...mine!



  1. Wonderful. I love L'Occitane :)))) I hope you have a great week doll xx

  2. Such great picks! And I love that stocking!


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